Abeer Medical Group’s Annual Meetup in Saudi Arabia, dubbed “Marhaba 2024,” convened on the 13th of February at the prestigious Crowne Plaza in Jeddah, marking a momentous occasion in the organization’s calendar. This significant event brought together an extensive assembly of members from the Corporate office, alongside regional, facility, and unit heads from across the Kingdom, creating a unique opportunity for collaboration and reflection on the group’s journey and its future direction.

The event commenced with an engaging opening address by Dr. Mahira Alungal, the Executive Director, setting a tone of inspiration and anticipation for the day ahead. This was followed by a profound Presidential Address delivered by Mr. Alungal Mohammed, who highlighted the organization’s milestones and expressed gratitude towards the collective effort of the Abeer team.

A highlight of the day was the compelling speech by Dr. Ahmed Alungal, Executive Vice President, on the dawn of a new era for Abeer as it steps into its 25th year. He emphasized the significance of the partnerships and investments that have been pivotal in reaching this milestone, charting a course for continued growth and innovation.

Dr. Jemshith Ahmed, Vice President of Strategic Planning & Medical Affairs, captivated the audience with his presentation on transforming the organization’s vision into reality. His insights on strategic planning and medical advancements underscored the commitment to excellence and innovation that Abeer Medical Group stands for.

The day was interspersed with a series of fun-filled activities designed to underscore the importance of communication, leadership, and strategic planning. These interactive sessions not only provided valuable learning experiences but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and unity among the participants.

Throughout the event, each thought leader shared their visionary insights and roadmaps for the future, contributing to the overarching theme of the meetup. “Marhaba 2024” thus emerged as a well-rounded event that successfully set the stage for the silver jubilee year. It was a celebration of past achievements and a clarion call to further enrich the healthcare landscape of the region, with a renewed focus on enhancing the experience of care-seekers. This annual meetup not only celebrated the legacy of Abeer Medical Group but also marked the beginning of another chapter of excellence and innovation in healthcare.