Thank you for visiting us. With utmost pleasure, I welcome you to feel Abeer’s cordial care-giving.

In my view, the actual growth of healthcare industry should never be understood in terms of the mushrooming of healthcare institutions. It has to be rather on the basis of increasing awareness on the ways to enhance healthy life style practices and thus to check ill health to the best possible level. No doubt, the motto of modern health care industries including ours needs to be more efficacious along the lines of this notion.

It was with an emphatic stress on the quality and affordability of healthcare services, we commenced our operations in medical industry in 1999. The first clinic set up at Sharafiya then was in fact the result of a consistent effort by our team. Constant hard work coupled with quality enrichment measures is what that has paved the way for all our path breaking advancements to date.

The richness of wealth can certainly buy any state-of-the art technology, but quality has no correlation with this material affluence. For Abeer, quality is an exuberance of care that pours out directly from the kind hearts made for it; from the mindsets dedicated for it. This prestigious culture of care owes a debt of gratitude to the entire team of Abeer, particularly the competent doctors, proficient medical professionals and adroit operations crew.

We have the pride and pleasure to speak out the truth, ‘without you, we are, and we have nothing at all.’ With due gratitude, we acknowledge your positive word-of-mouth and with utmost respect we consider your feedbacks worthy. The overwhelming support from you is relentlessly energizing us to transfigure our service ambitions from the prevailing Middle East Footprint to the Global Benchmark of Excellence.

We, at Abeer, assure to retain and revive the best affordable quality care within the reach of common man.

Alungal Mohammad

Founder & President