A partnership agreement was signed between Abeer Medical Group and Zamzam Association for Voluntary Health Services on Monday, April 19, 2021. Abeer Medical Group was chosen with 11 other groups in the health field to provide health services to needy patients through its website. This sustainable current project contributes to preserving the interests of the partners and the beneficiaries, and it also contributes to clarity of rights and duties from both parties.

Association is to improve the quality of medical and health services, which is one of the most important missions ​​of Abeer Medical Group. It also guarantees the extent of the sustainability of the joint institutional work and hopefully achieves greater spending efficiency and value-added education for Abeer Medical Group and for the Association.

This partnership allows the association’s beneficiaries to access and obtain quality and diverse health and medical services; Among these services are the following:

  • Paternity care program
  • The mobile clinic program
  • Charitable treatment program
  • Medical supplies program
  • Charitable pharmacy program
  • Patient visit program
  • Oral and dental health program
  • The vision project

Abeer Medical Group will continue to introduce and apply high-quality medical procedures and to provide them to all patients of all classes. This agreement will be another huge step for the Group in the medical health awareness journey.